Automated Website Banner

whenever a New Product is added

Stay ahead of the game with Picnie APIs. Showcase your latest and greatest products to your customers by automating your website's banners.

With Picnie, you can ensure that your e-commerce users are always in the know and ready to make their next purchase.

About Image
About Image

Automated Social Media Graphics

based on your brand’s category

Bring your brand's message to life with Picnie. Impress your target audience and foster a deeper connection with them by transforming your content into visually stunning social media posts.
Educate and raise awareness about your category with Picnie's help and make a lasting impression.

Protect your Digital Assets

with your brand’s identity

Picnie offers the ultimate solution to secure your digital assets from unauthorized use and copyright infringement with ease.
With our API, you can add custom watermarks to your digital content in real-time, ensuring that your valuable assets remain protected.

About Image
About Image

Dynamic Graphic Updates in Real-Time

for Your Product Changes

Make sure your product graphics are always up-to-date with Picnie’s APIs that offer real-time updates to your graphics whenever changes occur in your products.
Whether you're showcasing your products on your website, Display Ads, or on social media, you can be confident that your graphics accurately reflect the latest updates.

Enhance the visual appeal and customer trust

By matching your brand’s aesthetic

Use PIcnie’s APIs to dynamically add customized frames to your product images.
It works as a visual marketing tool that helps businesses improve the visual appeal of their products, reach a wider audience, and increase sales.

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