Every neighbouring state is an enemy and the enemy’s enemy is a friend.

Quote from Kautilya Arthashastra English by Chanakya

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This conveys a pragmatic approach to dealing with neighboring states and alliances. It suggests that neighboring states should be considered as potential adversaries, emphasizing the need for caution and vigilance in international relations. Furthermore, it proposes that the enemy of one's enemy can be regarded as a friend. This teaching highlights the strategic thinking of forming alliances and partnerships based on common enemies, indicating that shared opposition can create bonds and alliances among nations.



A teacher, philosopher and economist

Chanakya, also known as Kautilya or Vishnugupta, was a renowned Indian statesman, philosopher, and teacher who lived in ancient India during the 4th century BCE. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest thinkers and strategists of all time and his teachings on politics, economics, and ethics are still relevant today.

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