Peace comes from within. Do not seek it Outside.

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This quote by Gautama Buddha emphasizes the importance of finding inner peace within ourselves rather than seeking it externally. We often look for happiness and peace outside of ourselves, but true peace can only be found by being present in the moment and letting go of external distractions. We should cultivate mindfulness and focus on our inner being to experience true happiness and peace. quote


The awakened spiritual leader

Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama, was a spiritual teacher who founded Buddhism. Born into a wealthy family in ancient India, he lived a life of luxury until he became disillusioned with the material world and set out on a spiritual quest.

After years of wandering and seeking, Buddha achieved enlightenment at the age of 35, becoming a Buddha, or "awakened one." His teachings emphasized inner peace, compassion, and mindfulness as a path to liberation from suffering, and his message of love, wisdom, and compassion continues to inspire and guide people of all backgrounds and beliefs today.

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